Controllers and control cabinets

MIUS offers thedevelopment,production and full maintenance of the control systems based on MBU-series controllers. The control systems are intended for use in electrothermal equipment of any complexity, including usage as a part of thermal complexes.

Control system is made as metal cabinet (control cabinet) with control, power andprotective automatics inside. A primary control elements are mounted on the front panel of the cabinetdoor.A cabinet has a built-in mechanical ventilation for coolingthepower automation units. A cabinet can be made as floor-mounded as well as wall-mounted or built-in version.

Power sections of proposed control systemsare made on the base of advanced semiconductor elements - solid state relays. All systems are equipped by devices for continuous controlling and protectingthe power circuits.The current control units can detectsuch emergency situations as heater breakage or short-circuit to minimize their consequences.

The control systems are made on the base of MBU-01/02/04 controllers - newseries of well-proven MBU-03 controller, produced from 2005and used in most own-made electrothermal equipment.

If necessary, in the case of highly complex control system with a large number of control parameters, sensors, actuators, as well as on customer'schoice, the control system can be made on the basis of PC-compatible PLC from leading manufacturers.

Key features:

  • 15 standard thermocouples(R, S, B, J, T, E, K, N, A1, A2, A3, L, C, M, P) are supported.
  • 12 standardthermistors (100/500/1000 Om, Pt, Cu, P, M) are supported.
  • Up to 6 output and up to 4 input galvanic isolated discrete channels for controlling the external equipment and connecting the additional sensors.
  • Connecting of up to 6 thermocouplesfor accurate measuring and maintaining the temperature inside of heating area.
  • Supporting of up to 3 independent heating sections, simultaneously controlled in accordance with the program entered.
  • Each secion can be equipped with operating and protective thermocouples. Protective thermocouple is used for controlling the heater's temperature.
  • Up to 20 user's programs of heat treatment can be stored. Each program includes up to 40 heating steps.The process parameters (desired temperature, heating/cooling speed, exposure) are set for each step .
  • Current output to connect the recordingorload managementdevices.
  • RS-485 interface tocommunicate withPC or industrinal controllers.
  • Modbus RTU protocol supported.
  • OPC-server for integrating into SCADA.
  • MBU controllers are in State Register of Measurement.


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