MIUS Company

MIUS wasestablished in May 1993.Its collective was founded by 13 associates, who have workedbefore in the defense industry of the Tula city. Leader and organizer of the company isPh.D. Alexander P. Dmitriev.

Initially MIUS was created as research and development company, the basis of which was formed by the leading specialists - designers, technologists, programmers. Currently, the company employs about 100 people, including two PhD and 34 graduates.

Thecompany includes design department,industrial automationdepartmentand testing laboratory, where the new technologies aretrialed and the new models of equipment are tested.

The novelty and originality of design and technological solutions, a constant search of new activities ensure the stable development of the company.

MIUS has a well-equipped production facilities, placed in 5 production buildings and the administration building. Thefacilities consist of:

• Machining department (cutting and bending units, plasma-arc cutters, grinding, turning and milling units);
•Welding division(electric arc and argon welding, soldering);
• Mechanical assembly division;
• Electrical assembly division;
• Ceramics and heat insulation division;
• Heat treatment division;
• Polymer painting division;
• Packing sections;
• Motor transport group;
• Construction group.

The basic activity of the companyis the design and manufacture ofequipment forheat treatment.The companycan produce up to 1500 units of laboratory and industrial equipmentper year.

The product renge includes:

• Electric chamber and pit furnaces for heat treatment in oxidizing and protective atmosphere, including furnaces with mechanized hearth and cover;
• Multi-purpose furnaces with built-in endothermal gas generatorfor heat treatment and surface impregnation (innovative solution from MIUS);
•Fluidized-bed furnaces;
•Electric furnaces for heat treatment of non-ferrous metals and alloys;
• Vacuum equipment, including furnaces with screen insulation;
• Quenching and washing tanks;
• Laboratory-size equipment;
• Aluminum melting furnaces;
•Non-standard equipment and tools;
• Clay fibrous insulation;
• Ceramic products.

High quality, reliability and durability with reasoned pricing policy have made the company's products competitive not only in Russia but also in the neighboring countries.

Industrial electrothermal equipment made by MIUS company operates in a number of companies, such as Federal Space Agency, JSC "Air Defence Concern "Almaz-Antey", JSC" Korporacija "Takticheskoe Raketnoe Vooruzhenie", in automotive and railway industry. Large consumers of laboratory equipment areJSCPA «Sevmash»,JSC «Severstal»,JSC «Gorky Automobile Plant», JSC «TVEL-Invest» and many others.

The MIUS brand is widely known in the Russian Federation. Equipment design is marked by gold and silver quality marks "Russian Brand". All equipment is certified.

The collective of MIUS company is formed by the specialistsin various fields, which allows us to solve the problems of any complexity. On the account of the company the exclusive developments of fluidized bed through-type furnace for heat treatment of wire,setting equipment forsurface impregnation of the small parts under saturating atmosphere, loading transport system for furnaces and baths with manual and automatized control systems, three meter diameter pit furnace for special product processing, PAP-type automatized complex for aluminum alloy quenching, thermal complexes for disposing of radioactive wastes and organics.

The recent developments includeelectric furnaces with operating temperature of up to 1270 °C and endothermal gas protective atmosphere for heat treatment of instrumental steel.

Unique character of the company is that it provides the ability to solve any task completely and at a high level, includingan invention level. MIUS solutions are protected by 8 patents, production process is certified according to ISO 9001-2008, the company has a certificate of competency for design and operations that affect the safety of capital construction: SRO-P-049, SRO-S-080. All commercially available products have certificates of conformity.

MIUS company provides the range of services:

• Surveyingthe facility and developingthe proposalson upgrade and modernization of thermal process;
• Feasibility study for introduction of new equipment and technologies;
• Developing the design of heat treatment workshop;
• Manufacturing the primary and supporting equipment, including non-standard tools and accessories;
• Delivering, construction and commissioning works;
• Introducing the technologieson customer's equipment, staff training;
• Reparing the existing equipment, domestic and foregn;
•Reconstructing and upgradingan electrothermal equipment of any type;
• Developing thetechnical proposals for refurbishment of old equipment
• Designing a feasibility studyon reconstruction of old equipment .

The policy of the company is to meet any customer's needs, from consultation on the customer's problemsto end-to-end heat treatment workshop delivering.

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