Automatized furnaces and heat treatment lines

MIUS developes andmanufactures the automatizedfurnaces and the heat treatment lines for carrying out a complete heat treatment cycleunder minimal humancontrol.

The automatized furnaces are made as mechanized complexes equipped with transport and loading mechanisms,transporting the workpiece in accordance with the program of heat treatment: loading, heating/annealing, quenching, unloading, etc. Thereby the role of service staff is just to filla feeding deviceand to observe a treatment process.

Astructure of the automatizedcomplexes is determined by the givensequence of heat treatment operations. Depending on theheat treatment process characteristics the complexes may include electric resistance furnaces, hardening/washing tanks, transport mechanisms, etc.

A typical operation algorithm of automatized quenching complex

The workpieces are placed into feeding device, that is transferred by transport mechanism into the furnace. The workpieces are heated accoring to heat treatment program. When the process is finished, the transport mechanism moves thefeeding deviceto the quenching tank, where the products are kept for a period of hardening. After that, the feeding device is removed from the tank and moves to the starting position for unloading.

Automatized complexes made by MIUS

Quenching complexbased on SNO-7.12.7/10 chamber furnace

Quenching complex is designed for heatingthe products underoxidizing atmosphere, quenching the products in oil with automatic loading/unloading of the workpieces.The complex includes SNO-7.12.7/10 chamber furnace, BZM-3 oil quenching tank andhandling system. Handling system is made as power driven truck, moving by rail betweenfeedingdevice, furnace and quenching tank.


Installed power, kW103
Maximum operating temperature, °C1000
Working areaWDH, mm7001200700
Quenching load, kg300
Maximum oil temperature, °C80

SGO-11.30.14/5,5 complex for aluminum heat treatment

The complex is designed for quenching,annealing and ageingof aluminum alloys. The complex is composed by:
- heating chamber with two radial fans andhearth truck with horizontal and vertical travel devices;
- quenching tank;
- transfer truck;
- loading|unloading device;
- structural frame;
- special tool;
- control system;
- service platforms and ladders.
Hearth truck with vertical travel deviceis mounted within the hearth frame. Hearth frame moves by rails, mounted directly under the complex.


Installed power, kW10
Maximum operating temperature, °C550
Working areaWDH, mm300011001400
Temperature uniformity over the working area, °C±5
Quenching load, kg500

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