Drying furnaces

Industrial drying furnaces for heat treatment (drying, annealing, heat fixing etc) of the products, technological equipmentand blanks under air atmosphere at a temperature of up to 500 °C.

The furnace is made as metal frame with heat-insulating material inside. High temperature uniformity is available through using furnace fans and screens, distributing hot air streams over the wholeworking area. Furnace interior is made of stainless steel.

Dryingfurnaces are certificated (statement of compliance#ROSS RU.71.00398of 03.10.2001).


Key features:

  • High reliability and workability;
  • Aggressive fume resistantmaterial of working chamber;
  • Remote control unit;
  • Air mixing system for high temperature uniformity;
  • Removable sliding shelves or containers;
  • Custom design according to customer requirements.


Drying furnace model range

ModelMax operating temperature,
Power consumption, kWWorking areaWDH, mmDimensions
WDH,mm *
SHS-140/5,050040600x6004001250x1060x1200water cooling, silicone seal
SHS-1300/3,535040900x900x16001500x1500x21009 shelves, 1 door, optional pull-out trucks
SHS-1700/3,5350501200x900 x16001800x2100x15002 wing doors
SHS-2300/3,5350701200x1200x16001900x2100x18002 wing doors
SHS-2500/3,5350701200x1300x16001900x2100x19002 wing doors, optional pull-out trucks

* Without fan. A fan increases thefurnace height by 0.4 m.

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