SSHO, SSHZ pit furnaces

 SSHO pit furnacesfor heat treatment (quenching, annealing, drying, brazing, melting, baking) of various products under air atmosphere at a temperature of up to1250 °C.

SSHZ furnaces are multy-purpose complexes for all most popular methods of heat treatment and surface impregnation:

- carbonization,
- carbonitriding,
- nitriding,
- heating for quenching under shielding atmosphere,
- annealing,
-austenization and so on.

The furnaces are equipped by built-in independent endogenerator unit. We use NIAP-10-01 as a catalystwhen producing endothermic gas atmosphere. Such catalyst allow us to made the heat treatment process more stable.

SSHZ furnaces have a secondary gas feeding system to control a carbon potential,depending ona type of surface impregnation and a sort of metal processed.

Working chambers of SSHO and SSHZ furnaces are made of modern high-performance fireproof materials. The furnaces are delivered as the lined modules, which can be easilyassembled within one day.Original block design allow us tomake the installation andmaintenance procedures quick and easy.

Control system is based on a modern MBU series controller(made by MIUS). Control system continously diagnoses the power circuits, protecting the heating spirals from overheating, blowing-out and preventingfrom concequences of breakage and short-circuits.

Thefurnaces are certificated and complied with terms of reference 3442.010.24662585-04 (statement of compliance#ROSS RU.42.00036 f 26.08.2011).

Specification range*

Operating temperature, °C 150 - 1250
SSHO,diameterof working area, mmfrom 200to 3200
SSHO,height of working area, mmfrom 400 to 4500
SSHZ, diameterof working area, mmfrom 200 to 1500
SSHZ,height of working area, mmfrom 400 to 2000
Installed power, kWup to 1000
Temperature stability, °C ±2
Temperature deviation over working chamber, °Cup to ±5
Atmosphere in working chamberair, endothermal gas

* Custom design according to customer requirements.

Pit furnace model range

Industrial pit furnaces for heat treatment (air atmosphere)
SSHO-2.2.7/12,5shaftØ200700, 1250°C, 380V / 15kW
SSHO-3.3.12/12,5shaft Ø3001200, 1250°C, 380V / 40kW
SSHO-4.4.14/12,5shaft Ø4001400, 1250°C, 380V / 60kW
SSHO-5.5.14/12,5shaft Ø5001400, 1250°C, 380V / 75kW
SSHO-6.6.17/12,5shaft Ø6001700, 1250°C, 380V / 100kW
SSHO-8.8.20/12,5shaft Ø8002000, 1250°C, 380V / 120kW
Industrial retort furnaces for surface impregnation with built-in endothermal gas unit
(carbonization, carbonitriding, nitriding, protective atmosphere)
SSHZ-2.4/10retort Ø200700, 1000°C, 380V / 15kW
SSHZ-3.8/10retort Ø3001200, 1000°C, 380V / 40kW
SSHZ-4.10/10retort Ø4001400, 1000°C, 380V / 60kW
SSHZ-5.10/10retort Ø5001400, 1000°C, 380V / 75kW
SSHZ-6.12/10retort Ø6001700, 1000°C, 380V / 100kW
SSHZ-8.15/10retort Ø8002000, 1000°C, 380V / 140kW
Aluminum smelters
SAT0,25/7,5working chamber Ø620640, 750°C, 380V / 38kW
SAT0,5/7,5working chamber Ø800790, 750°C , 380V / 42kW

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