SHSV vacuum drying furnaces

Vacuum drying furnaces for heating and drying of thevarious productsunder vacuum orair atmosphereat a temperature of up to500 °C.

Drying furnace is made as thin sheet frame, closed by pressure-tight door, withheating chamber inside. Heating chamber is equipped by gas capturing tube, controlling thermocouplesocket and door seal. Removable shelves are mounted inside of heating chamber. The space between theframe and the chamber is filled with a heat insulating material.

Temperatureinside of chamberis regulated by control system based on modern MBU-series controller (made by MIUS).

Vacuum furnaces are equipped with connecting reinforcement, stop valves and meter equipment.

It is posiible to manufacture the vacuum drying furnaces of various sizes and of various residual pressure: 1330Pa (10 mmHg)or 6,6Pa (0,05 mmHg).

Key features

  • Development and manufacture of equipment in accordance with individual customer's requirements;
  • Simple and reliable design;
  • Ease of operation and maintenance;
  • Aggressive fume resistantmaterial of working chamber;
  • Removable shelves for effective usage of working area;
  • Remote controller unitfor optimal equipment positioning;
  • Vacuum pump andcertified vacuum gauge supplied;
  • PC-based centralized control system for monitoring and recording heat treatment processes.
  • Warranty and post warranty support.


Vacuum drying furnace model range

ModelOperating temperature,
Power consumption, WWorking area, mmDimensions
WDH, mm
Weight, kgNotes
Furnaces with residual pressureof 10 mmHg
SHSV-11/2,5-S2501600Ø20035032095045025image, glass door
SHSV-27/3,53502000340300340 or Ø435305 52086067075*image
SHSV-65/3,5G153502500Ø43043062095067090*image,sight hole Ø150mm
SHSV-65/3,5G283502500Ø43043062095067090*sight hole Ø280mm
SHSV-145/3,535015000/16500 (with pump)Ø60055092012751368**320image
SHSV-145/5,555015000/16500 (with pump)Ø60055098012751368**320image
SHSV-215/3,535020000/21500 (with pump)Ø65065095413651417**350image
Furnaces with residual pressureof 0.05 mmHg

* -with controler and pump.

** - with manometer.

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