Salt and nitre bath furnaces

Salt and nitre bath furnaces for heat treatment in molten salt at a temperature of up to 1000 °C or in molten nitre at a temperature of up to 700 °C.

The bath is made as furnace block withspiral heaters on ceramic tubes, welded retort and safety flange. Furnace block is lined by heat-insulating layer made of lightweight kaoline fireproof fibreand fire-clay bricks.

Temperature of liquid melt is regulated by control system based on modern MBU-series controller (made by MIUS). Control system continously diagnoses the power circuits, protecting the heating spirals from overheating, blowing-out and preventingfrom concequences of breakage and short-circuits.

Thefurnaces are certificated and complied with terms of reference 3442.009.24662585-04 (statement of compliance#ROSS RU.IS27.00068of 16.03.2010).


Operating temperature(salt), °C up to1000
Operating temperature(nitre), °C up to700
Working area, cubic meter0.6 – 0.8
Installed power, kWup to100
Temperature stability, °C ±2
Temperature deviation over working chamber, °C±2

* Custom design according to customer requirements.

Nitre bath model range

Nitre baths
SVS-5.10.9/6working area(WDH):5001000900, 550°C, 60kW
SVS- area (WDH):6601100900, 550°C, 60kW

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