SSHOL laboratory-size pit furnaces

Multi-purpose laboratory-size vertical load furnaces for heat treatment under air atmosphere.The furnaces are used for baking, melting and heat treating at a temperatureof up to1150 ºC.

The furnaces can be used in metallurgy, jewelry and ceramic production, prosthetic dentistry, food and chemical laboratories.

SSHOL furnace is composed of furnace block and remote (wall-mounted) programmable controller unit, connectedto the furnace block by cable.

The furnace block is made as metal frame lined byclay fiber veneer. Ceramic retort with fechral heaters is mounted within the frame. Furnace cover is removable. Position of the coveris detected by end switch. A thermocouple isinserted into heating area. All inner elements of the furnace are coveredand jacketed.

SSHOL furnace model range

ModelMax operating temperature, °CWorking area, mm

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