Muffle hot plates

Multi-purposeMIMP-O series open muffle furnaces(hot plates)
for thermal pretreatment of the samples and for laboratory analyzis
by placing the processed samples onto open heating surface.

MIMP-O series furnaces are certificated and complied with terms of reference 3442.015.24662585-06 (statement of compliance#71.17 06.03.2006).

MIMP-O model range

ModelPower consumption, WMaxoperating temperature,
Working area, WDH, mmDimensions
Weight, kgNotes
MIMP0,14O125005001plate 300x190420x360x16011image
MIMP0,15O225005002 plates 300x190490x350x16016image
MIMP0,16O125004501plate 350x315420x390x18016,5image
MIMP0,24O225005002 plates 300x190620x420x16018,5image

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