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MIMP-VM vacuum dental furnace


20MIMP-VM vacuum furnace for baking of porcelain-fused-to-metal
crowns in prosthetic dentistry. MIMP-VM is a high-fuctionality furnace, which meets the requirements for such class equipment.

Key features:

• Reliability and workability. Small size and light weght.

• Large LCD display.

• Smooth lift loader. Easy-to-reach working plate.

• Highly precise temperature sensor. Measuring with precision of up to 0.1°C.

• Built-in digital pressure gauge. Measuring with precision of up to 0.01 bar.

• Temperature regulating with minimal deviation.

• Advanced vacuum control. Available modes: vacuum-free annealing, devacuumization before exposure ends, cooling under vacuum.

• Efficient control of vacuum compressor extends the service life of vacuum pump.

• Simple and friedly-user interface. 

• Vacuum pump is in delivery package.


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